SMS Service Instructions

To recieve a quotation by SMS text you need to send a text message to 07903000244 as follows. The message must start with the letters mst and then a space, followed by a start location (Postcode or Town Name) followed by a space and then destination.

Here are some examples:-

mst ws100rl dy40hh - mst(space)ws100rl(space)dy40hh

mst wednesbury peterborough - mst(space)wednesbury(space)peterborough

mst west#bromwich dy40hh - mst(space)west#bromwich(space)dy4ohh (note the hash # is required if there is a space in the place name.)

In addition if you require a 7.5 Tonne vehicle instead of a LWB Transit vehicle add a space and a 2 at the end of the message.

mst ws100rl peterborough 2 - mst(space)ws100rl(space)peterborough(space)2

If you have been given a company code to use add this at the end of the message to recieve the discount rates agreed.

mst west#bromwich peterborough 1 TT21 - mst(space)west#bromwich(space)peterborough(space)1(space)TT21

This service will be run for free for as long as possible. If you use the service regularly please consider donating by clicking the PayPal link below to help support the cost of running the service. Any amount will help to keep the service free for all!

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